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BevistoSept plus 1L

BevistoSept plus 1L

BevistoSept plus

A gentle and effective quick disinfectant and cleaning agent for surfaces of medical devices and objects in dental clinics and healthcare facilities. Sphere of activity: Bactericidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal and virucidal [Limited virucidal efficacy as per RKI, i. e. all enveloped viruses such as HBV, HIV, HCV (BVDV)]. BevistoSept is completely free of aldehydes and phenols. Due to a formula which is well proven and effective, it impresses with a comprehensive sphere of activity. Tested according to the standard methods of the DGHM and the RKI recommendations about the effectiveness against viruses. MRSA-effective.

Product qualities:

  • Ready for use
  • FREE of aldehydes and phenols
  • Bactericidal (INCL. MRSA)/ yeasticidal, tuberculocidal
  • Virus effective against all enveloped viruses (Limited virucidal according to RKI, INCL. HBV, HIV, HCV H1N1 ('SWINE FLU'), SARS, H5N1 ("BIRD FLU")
  • Drying without leaving any residues
  • pleasant scent
  • Good material compatibility also with sensitive materials
  • tested according to the standard methods of the DGHM and the RKI recommendations about the efficacy against viruses
  • Good biodegradability

Contents: 1 litre spray bottle

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