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MD 550 Spittoon cleaner

MD 550 Spittoon cleaner
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MD 550 Spittoon cleaner

MD 550 Spittoon cleaner 750ml

MD 550 is based on a combination of alcohols. 100g MD 550 contains 40g ethanol,< 1g surfactants, < 5g organic acids, expients, water, benzyl salicylate

• Aldehyde-free ready-to-use solution with antimicrobial action for the simultaneous cleaning and care of spittions in dental treatment units

• Extraodinary intensive cleaning action-easily removes residues of lime, blood, plaque dye tablets, impression materials, etc.

• Is bactericidal, tuberculocidal, yeasticidal

• Tested in accordance with European standards

• Excellent material compatibility - contains no abrasives; will not scratch spittons, no residue from abrasives

• Non-foaming - suitable for all systems with amalgam separators

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