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Aerosal reduction & Adapter 

The Y-Adapter was developed especially for users working alone without assistance and therefore need a hands-free suction solution. The purpose of the Y-adapter is to reduce aerosols during dental treatments, especially with high-speed instruments, when using intraoral spray mist suction is not possible (only working with a saliva ejector). The Y-Adapter is available in two versions (Ø11 mm or Ø16 mm).

The included Aerosol cannula and a flexible saliva ejector are attached to one suction hose using the Y-Adapter. The saliva ejector is positioned in the oral cavity. The Aerosol cannula hanging on the side of the mouth reduces aerosols.

►Aerosol cannula Tip can be Freely 360° rotated

Size Available: Ø 11 mm  , Ø 16 mm

Contain: 1 x Y-Adapter, 1 x Aerosol cannula

Price : RM 161.50

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