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Tetric N flow

Tetric N flow

Tetric N flow        MDA: D1219-20150624-35202

Flowable composites are products without which modern restorative dentistry would be unthinkable. They come in handy whenever surface affinity is desired. This is where Tetric N-Flow comes into play.

Tetric N-Flow features optimized viscosity with excellent flow properties and is thus particularly suitable for use as a lining material. Moreover, it can be used for use in Class V restorations because of its stable consistency that prevents slumping. The Viscosity Controller is rsponsoble for this characteristic. At the same time, it regulates the composite's viscosity during extrusion.


  • As initial layer under Class I & II restorations
  • Anterior restoration ( Classes III, IV)
  • Class V restorations (cervial caries, root erosion, wedge-shaped defects)
  • Small restorations of all types extended fissure sealing
  • Splinting of mobile teeth
  • Blocking out of undercuts
  • Adhesive cementation of translucent ceramic and composite restorations

Shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5

Content: 1 x 2G syringe

Price     : RM 74.10

Exp Date: 2026


*Min. 5packs* > RM 59/ pack 

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