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ESS-1 Extraoral Suction System

ESS-1 Extraoral Suction System

ESS-1 Extraoral Suction System

You may have known about extra-oral suction machine which filters spray, aerosol, bacteria, and other harmful substances during treatment. At present, there are almost UV lamp and plasma on the market, while our ESS-1 Extraoral suction system used medical-grade ozone + plasma which has more advantages than other brands'. It adopts high-tech sterilization system and special design of moisture and air separated out of aerosol through tornado centrifugal separation, which greatly improve the useful life of HEPA filter. The plasma generator can kill the bacteria in the air instantly to achieve safe discharge. The built- in ozone generator can sterilize the whole machine including swing arm, main unit, HEPA filter to achieve self-sterilization effect.


►Sterilization tornado

►Sterilization by ozone

►Safe and reliable;

►Medical-grade ozone + plasma;

►Sterilization by one button

►Tornado filtration 

►Separate moisture and air out of aerosol

►Less consumables  

Medical - grade OZONE + plasma


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