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Brand: Mega-physik Model: C-Cid 5g
C-Cid 5gC-Cid is an etching gel for the adhesive filling therapy, consisting of a glycerine gel with a 37% phosphoric acid contents. C-Cid is also suitable for the total etching technique.Single package: Syringe 5.0 gPrice: RM 33.30..
Ex Tax:RM33.30
Brand: Mega-physik Model: MP-TRAY
MP-TRAY PINK COLOUR LIGHT CURE(50'S)Light curing wafers for fabrication of custom trays.MP-Tray is a light curing tray material for the fabrication of individual custom trays with extremely high dimension stability. The composite resin is presented in form of contoured pink wafers.The simple process..
Ex Tax:RM209.00
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