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Brand: Motion Model: MX-300A
Alginate Mixer MX-300AUse Cold water < 20°CInstruction:1 . Measure the correct amount of alginate & water for use.2 . Stir the alginate powder with water for a second3 . Patent accelerator built on mixing bowl cap.4 . Close tightly the cap of mixing bowl.5 . place it into the well of ALGIMAX ..
Ex Tax:RM3,610.00
Brand: Motion Model: MOTION-K9
BLUE LUX K9 LIGHT CURE MACHINEThe Light Cure machine is economically oriced and is a florescent light that is mode in Japan and boats a life span of an astounding 5000 hours. The is filted with a adjustable digital timer and a top notch magnetic noise free fan, with the ability to pol..
Ex Tax:RM1,330.00
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