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Sagemax- NexxZr +
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Brand: Sagemax Model: sagemax-CAD/CAM(5+1)
SagemaxNexxZr + - strong. esthetic.NexxZr + is a dental zirconia (Y-TZP ZrO2) for highly translucent, monolithic restorations.NexxZr + white offers with 1000MPa (preshaded 880Pa) an outstanding high flexural strength combined with high translucency.The soft material before sintering ensures an effor..
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Sagemax- NexxZr + Multi
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Brand: Sagemax Model: sagemax-CAD/CAM(10+1)
SagemaxNexxZr + Multi - esthetic. multilayer.NexxZr + Multi is a polychromatic dental zirconia (Y-TZP ZrO2) for the production of esthtic, monolithic restorations with an integrated color grading.The integrated color gradient and 800MPa flexural strength enable the efficient production of single-too..
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Brand: Sagemax Model: sagemax-CAD/CAM(6+1)
SagemaxZIRCONIA DISCSNexxZr S - strong. white.NexxZr S is a dental zirconia (Y-TZP ZrO2) with a very high flexural strength of 1370MPa. The simultaneously high opacity value is ideal for discolored stumps or hybrid restorations on titanium bases.NexxZr S can be used as a a framework material wi..
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Brand: Sagemax Model: sagemax-CAD/CAM(4+1)
SagemaxNexxZr T - tranxlucent.20 colors.NexxZr T is a dental zirconia (Y-TZP ZrO2) for monolithic restorations form single-tooth to multi-unit bridge restoration.It impresses with its perfect balance between translucency and  strength of 1370MPa for the production of esthetic all-ceramic restor..
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