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Brand: Sagemax Model: sagemax-CAD/CAM(5+1)
SagemaxNexxZr + NexxZr + is a dental zirconium oxide (4Y-TZP) with high translucency (46%) and high flexural strength values (white 100 MPa, preshaded 880 MPa).It combines the good block-out characteristics with high brightness value and optimally adjusted translucency achieving outstanding es..
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Brand: Sagemax Model: sagemax-CAD/CAM
SagemaxZIRCONIA DISCSNexxZr S - High opacity. High Strength.NexxZr S is a dental zirconia oxide (3Y-TZP) with a very high flexural strength of (1370MPa) for the fabrication of single tooth up to multi-unit bridge frameworks.The high opacity value (30% translucency) provides optimum optical propertie..
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Brand: Sagemax Model: sagemax-CAD/CAM
Sagemax- NexxZr T NexxZr T - tranxlucent. High strength.NexxZr T is a dental zirconium oxide (3Y-TZP) with very high flexural strength (1270 MPa) and medium translucency (42%)This combination enables a maximum variety of indications for the fabrication of monolithic and anatomically reduced sin..
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Brand: Sagemax Model: sagemax-CAD/CAM
Sagemax- NexxZr T Multi NexxZr T Multi - Mulifunctional esthetics. Multiple indications.NexxZr T Multi is a dental multilayer zirconium oxide (3Y-TZP cervical, 5Y-TZP incisal) of the latest generation.The combination of the very high flexural strength ( 1170Mpa cervical, 630 Mpa incisal ) and t..
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