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Brand: VOCO Model: Calcicur(1 x 2.5ml Syringe)
Calcicur, Temporary Calcium Hydroxide Paste 2.5 g (RCT) Ready-to-useSuitable for use under any lining or restorative materialImmediately ready for useAntimicrobial effect due to high pH value (12.5)Calcium hydroxide content of 45 %RadiopacityPromotes the formation of tertiary dentineE..
Ex Tax:RM166.30
Brand: VOCO Model: Calcimol (11g Catalyst + 13g Base)
Calcimol                                                           Self-curing radiopaque calcium hydroxide pasteEffective protection of the pulpEasy ..
Ex Tax:RM66.50
Brand: VOCO Model: Calcimol LC (2 x 2.5g)
Calcimol LCLight - curing radiopaque calcium hydroxide pasteEffective protection of the pulpReady-to-use one-component materialTime-saving light-curing and direct application from the non-dripping NDT-syringeHigh level of acid-resistance, protection when applying the total-etch techniqueSupports the..
Ex Tax:RM185.00
Brand: VOCO Model: Fissurit FX(2 x 2.5g + Tips / Color : White)
Fissurit FXHighly filled light-curing fissure sealant with fluoride, whiteAdvantages:Filler content of 55 % w/w for outstanding abrasion proofnessQuick and easy application from the direct-application syringe with bendable metal cannulaeOptimal flow propertiesHigh stability and good adhesion to..
Ex Tax:RM185.30
Brand: VOCO Model: IonoStar Molar,[4+1]or[Buy 7+Free]
IonoStar Molar-capsule 50 pcsVariable mixing time for adjustment of consistencyPerfect marginal adaptation and easy applicationCan be modelled immediately after insertion without sticking to the instrumentIn VOCO's new application capsule, easy activation without activatorThe new capsule design rea..
Ex Tax:RM551.00
Brand: VOCO Model: IonoStar Plus,[4+1]or[Buy 7+Free]
IonoStar Plus - 50 pcsFast-setting glass ionomer restorative materialPerfect marginal adaptation and packability in one product, thanks to a change in viscosity during applicationFast setting time of only 2 minutes from placement of the fillingThe first glass ionomer material with tooth-like fluores..
Ex Tax:RM551.00
Brand: VOCO Model: Polofil NHT(FREE Remin Pro One Tube)
Polofil NHT 4g       Light-curing, nano-hybrid composite► High filler degree (>83% w/w)► Superior physical properties► Tooth-Like thermal behaviour► Minimal shrinkae(<1.8%)► Adaptable consistency / easy to medel► Very aesthetic / easy to model► Very good colour stabilityPac..
Ex Tax:RM114.00
Brand: VOCO Model: Polofil supra
Polofil supraLight-curing micro-hybrid restorative materialAdvantages:Combines the advantages of mirco-filled and macro-filled compositesNon-sticky, good pack-abilityAbrasion-proof and stables shadesLow shrinkageDurable and resistant restorationsLow water uptakeIndication:For cavities classes I..
Ex Tax:RM80.80
Brand: VOCO Model: Proflouride Vanish
Proflouride VanishHighly EffectiveVOCO Profluorid Varnish in practical singleDoseEasy,Quick and hygienicNo additional devices requiredNo spilling in any positionIndication:Treatment of hypersensitive teethSealing the dentinal tubules, e.g. for cavity preparations or on sensitive root surfacesTr..
Ex Tax:RM133.00
Brand: VOCO Model: Provicol
ProvicolProven Provicol in handmix versionSemi-elastic properties for safe adhesion of temporaryCalcium hydroxide supports the formation of tertiary dentinebacteriostaticEugenol-free, thus low allergy potentialIdeal before adhesive luting with resin cements, because no inhibition of curing rea..
Ex Tax:RM133.00
Brand: VOCO Model: Remin Pro
Remin ProProtective dental care with fluoride and hydroxy apatite and xylitolProvides a balanced oral flora and thus protects the teeth against harmful acid attacksstrengthens the teeth after whitening and professional cleaningCariostatic properties from the contained xylitolAvailable in three aroma..
Ex Tax:RM646.00
Brand: VOCO Model: Structur 3
Structur 3Self-curing composite material for the fabrication of provisional crowns and bridgesProcessing:quick, simple and reliable thanks to the 1:1 cartridge systemshort setting timeelastic phase allows simple removal from the prepared toothgloss without polishing - only requires removal of the in..
Ex Tax:RM380.00
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