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Profil Ear Loop 3 ply Face Mask
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Brand: UNIGLOVES Model: Face Mask
Profil Ear Loop 3 ply Face MaskPremium quality non-woven surgical face mask. 3ply non-fiber-glass filter medium. Soft, non-irritating elastic bands. Integrated nose bridge.Packing: 50 pcs /per box (Blue)Price     : Buy 10 boxes FREE 1 box..
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Saliva Ejector-UNIGLOVES
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Brand: UNIGLOVES Model: Saliva Ejector
Saliva EjectorGood quality Bibs, 2 ply paper and 1 ply polythene.Packing: 1000 pcs / CtnPrice     : RM 110.00..
Ex Tax:RM110.00
Unigloves Basic (Tie On) 3 ply Face Mask
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Brand: UNIGLOVES Model: Mask
Unigloves Basic (Tie On) 3 ply Face Mask3 Layer non-fiber-glass filter mediumPacking : 50 pcs per boxPrice      : ..
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Brand: UNIGLOVES Model: Disposable Dental injection Needles
Disposable Dental injection NeedlesSize:  ►30g 22mm Short  , 27g 40mm LongContain: 100pcs / BoxPrice: RM 24.70..
Ex Tax:RM24.70
Brand: UNIGLOVES Model: Disposable Syringe
Disposable Syringe• Luer lock or Luer slipSize: ► 3ml,     Price: RM 36.00 / Box             ►5ml,      Price: RM 43.70 / Box    TEMPORARY 5ml / Luer Slip OUT OF STOCK        ..
Ex Tax:RM36.00
Brand: UNIGLOVES Model: Hua En Endo Irrigation Needles
Hua En Endo Irrigation NeedlesSize -Vent:►27g Yellow►30g PurpleContain: 100pcs / BoxPrice: RM 123.50..
Ex Tax:RM123.50
Brand: UNIGLOVES Model: Intro Oral Tip
Intra Oral Tip  ►Specification :24.2 x 4.2mm►Remarks : Fit for HP03(Cotisen)►Packing : 100 pcs / pouchPrice : RM20.00 / pouchPromotion Pack BUY 3 pouch above at RM 16.70 / pouch..
Ex Tax:RM20.00
Brand: UNIGLOVES Model: Sterilization Reel
Sterilization Reel (Unigloves)Size & Price   : (50mm x 200mm)  RM 53.00                          (75mm x 200mm)  RM 75.00                         ..
Ex Tax:RM53.00
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