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AH Plus Root Canal Sealer

AH Plus Root Canal Sealer

AH Plus®root canal sealer 

AH Plus®root canal sealer offers these benefits:

  • Paste/paste system for fast, easy mixing and dosage control
  • Excellent radiopacity for easy detection
  • Outstanding dimensional stability and low solubility for a durable, safe seal
  • Outstanding flow characteristics to flow into and seal lateral canals
  • Biologically inert
  • Silver-free for no discoloring of teeth
  • Thermoplastic ability makes it easy to remove
  • Four-hour working time means no waste of material on pad
  • Eight-hour setting time allows for corrections of fillings
  • Compatible with any filling technique


AH Plus root canal sealer is a resin-based formula with excellent radiopacity, low shrinkage, low solubility and outstanding flow characteristics. It features a 1:1, paste-to-paste mixing system for fast, easy preparation and less waste. AH Plus is biocompatible and silver free. AH Plus sealer offers a four-hour working time and eight-hour setting time. Its thermoplastic properties make it easy to remove, whether you're using chemicals or a drill.

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