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Dental Stem Polishing Discs

Dental Stem Polishing Discs

Dental Stem Polishing Discs

Special technology of sand-planting, combine firmly and no sands drop, high grinding efficiency. Think strips, good toughness and high strength, no deformation after rotary grinding. The handle of disc with good flexibility and elasticity, contact with the disc tightly autoclavable.

Specification: disc, Coarse ( 50 pcs / box) 

                      : disc, Medium( 50 pcs / box)

                      : disc, Fine( 50 pcs / box)

                      : disc, Super Fine ( 50 pcs / box)

Price             : RM 68.00 / box

Assorted Of : 

→Coarse, Medium, Fine, Super Fine ( 25 Pcs each) Total 100 pcs

→Mandrel 4 pcs 

Price             : RM 114.00 

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  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: ZT dental
  • Model: Dental Stem Polishing Discs
  • Weight: 1.00g
  • UPC: ZT-DTW0404(C), ZT-DTW0403(M), ZT-DTW0405(F), ZT-DTW0406(SF), ZT-DPW0400
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