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X-Smart Plus

X-Smart Plus
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X-Smart Plus

X Smart Plus

X - Smart Plus endodontic motor come pre-set for a wide range of file systems, including ProTaper gold, ProTaper NEXT and WaveOne Gold.

Technical features:

  • Miniature contra-angle head that can be adjusted in 6 positions
  • On/Off button on the motor handpiece
  • Reciprocating motion and continuous rotation
  • Includes a file library with preset programs for, PROTAPER.NEXT, PROTAPER UNIVERSAL, PATHFILE, GATES, RECIPROC - 7 free programs for individual settings in continuous rotation.
  • Auto reverse rotation at preset torque limit
  • Torque range : 0.6 - 4.0 Ncm
  • Speed range : 250 - 1200 rpm
  • Operates on a rechargeable battery and when connected to the mains:

                - Battery autonomy : approx. 2 hours continuous use

                  -  Full recharge in approx. 5 hours

Starter Package

1 X Unit Endo Motor

Price: RM 6500.00

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