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BevistoCryl BC Spray -1L

BevistoCryl BC Spray -1L

BevistoCryl  BC Spray (ALCOHOL FREE)

universal disinfectant free of aldehydes,phenols and alcohol for the cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces of medical devices, particularly surfaces

of devices and objects situated near patient treatment areas and in general medical areas. BevistoCryl has a short contact time (1 min.) for maximum effect, plus excellent

material compatibility. BevistoCryl is also suitable for disinfecting and cleaning surfaces which are sensitive to alcohol such as plastics and vinyl. Tested according to the

standard methods of the DGHM and the RKI recommendations about the effectiveness against viruses. MRSA-effective.

Contact time:

Virucidal [Limited virucidal efficacy as per RKI, i. e. all enveloped viruses such as HBV,HIV, HCV (BVDV)]/ Vaccinia: 60 seconds,

bactericidal: 60 seconds,fungicidal: 60 seconds,H1N1(“swine flu”): 60 seconds,SARS:60 seconds,H5N1 (“bird flu”): 60seconds,


Contents: 1 litre spray bottle 

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