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Brand: Vericom Model: Bloactive Ceramic Embeded
Bloactive Ceramic EmbededAvailable : Vericom Bioactive Ceramic 4 % Size: 20, 20-45, 25, 30, 40Available : Vericom Bioactive Ceramic 6 % Size: 15, 20, 25, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45Price: RM 43.00 ..
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Brand: Vericom Model: Well-Root™ PT
Well-Root™ PTWell-Root™ PT is a ready to use, premixed, bioceramic paste developed for pulp capping, permanent root canal repair and surgical applications. It is an insoluble and radiopaque material based on a calcium aluminosilicate composition, which requires the presence of water t..
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Well-Root™ ST Well-Root™ ST
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Brand: Vericom Model: Well-Root™ ST
Well-Root™ STWell-Root™ ST is a convenient premixed read-to use, injectable bioactive calcium silicate paste developed for permanent obturation of the root canal.Advantages:•Biocompatible and Ostegenic•Chemical bond of sealer to dentin•Highly Antibacterial (over pH 12)•Highly Radiopague•Hydrophilic•..
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