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Brand: TruSens Model: AFC-Z3000-01
Carbon 3 pack worthReplacement filter carbon layerPackage : 3 x carbon filters Price: RM 70.00..
Ex Tax:RM70.00
Brand: TruSens Model: Z-3000
HEPA set with Carbon & PrefilterPackage : Washable Prefilter, Carbon Prefilter, HEPA FilterPrice: RM 170.00..
Ex Tax:RM170.00
Brand: TruSens Model: Z 3000
TruSens Z -3000 Air Decontamination Unit Experience the difference with a new kind of air purifier that combines science, style and technology. Featuring DuPont filtration, the TruSens Z-3000 collects pollutants and neutralizes odors by automatically adapting to changing air..
Ex Tax:RM1,500.00
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