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Brand: Kerr Endodontics Model: Apex ID
Apex ID™ Digital Apex LocatorApex ID is compact and modern with unique function which allow you to focus on what's really important; providing the best care for your patients.►User-set zero point►Accuracy in almost any condition►Continuous calibrationACCESSORIESApex ID Lip Hooks 5 packApex ID File H..
Ex Tax:RM3,990.00
ELEMENTS GUTTA PERCHA CARTRIDGE KIT 23GA / 25GA (10PCS/PACK)Combines System B technology with a motor-driven extruder handpiece to make obturation predictable, efficient and accurate. From downpack to backfill, the Elements Obturation Unit puts the Continuous Wave of Condensation technique into one ..
Ex Tax:RM286.00
Brand: Kerr Endodontics Model: Gutta Percha Point .02
Gutta Percha Point .02Standardized Gutta Percha Points are readily softened by heat and flexible to be easily inserted into the canal.Size : # 15, # 20, #25, #30, #35, #40, #45Package : 100 pcs / BoxAssorted Size : 15 - 40 , 45 - 80, Package : 200 pcs / PackALL Price : RM30.40 / pack..
Ex Tax:RM30.40
Brand: Kerr Endodontics Model: Auxiliary Gutta Percha
Gutta Percha Point Auxiliary Auxiliary gutta percha points area readily softened by heat and flexible enough to be easily inserted into the canal.Size Available : Xtra-Fine(XF), 100 pcs per pack                          ..
Ex Tax:RM32.30
Brand: Kerr Endodontics Model: K-FILES
K-FILES KERR ENDODONTICSK-FILES are twisted from a square cross section and are the strongest of the handfiles.NEW PACKAGING LIKE BELOW:Package: 6 pcs / boxPrice : RM 20.00 / boxBUY 10 PACKS @ RM 18.10/ PACK..
Ex Tax:RM20.00
Brand: Kerr Endodontics Model: Paper Point
Paper Point - Kerr EndodonticsSize:  #15, #20, #25, #30, #35, #40, #45, #50, #55, #60, #70, #80Packing: 200 pcs per packPrice: RM 24.70 / PackBUY 3 at RM 22.80/PackBUY 6 at RM 20.90/Pack..
Ex Tax:RM24.70
Brand: Kerr Endodontics Model: SEALAPEX SET (CATALYST & BASE)
Sealapex ™Polymeric Calcium Hydroxide Root Canal SealerSealapex is the original non-eugenol, calcium hydroxide polymeric root canal sealant. This formulation produces rapid healing and hard tissue formation.Contain: 12g Base, 18g Catalyst, Mixing PadsPrice: RM 150.00 /Box     &nb..
Ex Tax:RM150.00
Brand: Kerr Endodontics Model: Smearclear
Smearclear™Liquid 17% EDTA 110ml for Smear Layer Removal Successful endodontic therapy demands a clean and clear root canal system. SmearClear addresses this issue by consistently removing the smear layer and leaving the dentinal tubules clear of organic matter. When using the SmearClear root c..
Ex Tax:RM152.00
Brand: Kerr Endodontics Model: TF Adaptive File
TF Adaptive File Available Length: 23MM & 27MMAvailable size: SM1, SM2, SM3, ML1, ML2, ML3Package: 4 pcs / pktPrice : RM 148.20 / pktBUY  5 packs @ 137.80 / packBUY  10 packs @ 128.30 / pack..
Ex Tax:RM148.20
Brand: Kerr Endodontics Model: TF Adaptive Paper Point
TF Adaptive Paper Point Available size: SM2, SM3, Package: 100 pcs / pktAvailable size: ML1, ML2, ML3Price : RM61.80..
Ex Tax:RM61.80
Brand: Kerr Endodontics Model: TF TAPER FILE
TF TAPER  FILE Available Length: 23MM and 27MMAvailable size: 0.10 Size 25, 0.12 Size 25, 0.4 Size 25, 0.4 Size 40, 0.6 Size 30,                         0.6 Size 35, 0.8 Size 25,  ..
Ex Tax:RM148.20
Brand: Kerr Endodontics Model: Touch' N Heat ™ 5004
Touch' N Heat ™ 5004The Touch 'n Heat conveniently and  conveniently and consistently puts the heat on for warm gutta percha techniques. The patented autoclavable tips are internally heated so that the heat is concentrated at the end where it's needed most. Not only do you have a precisely heat..
Ex Tax:RM2,850.00
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