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Brand: Eighteeth Model: E-Connect S+
E-Connect S+ / SPECIAL Packages A  ENDOMOTOR WITH BUILT-IN APEX LOCATORSpecifications:Rotational Speed Range : 50 rpm - 1500 rpmTorque Range                  : 0.5 - 5.0 N.cmMemory Programs           : Every 5 degre..
Ex Tax:RM3,705.00
Brand: Eighteeth Model: E-value
E-valueBrushless Endo MotorSpecification:Speed Range               :120 - 1000rpmTouque Range            : R.L- 4.0 N.cmMemory Programs    : 10 (M1 to M10)Battery Capacity&nbs..
Ex Tax:RM2,660.00
Brand: Eighteeth Model: Fast Pack Pro
 Fast Pack PRO -3D Obturation system down packSafety• Real time temperature displaying, make sure the accuracy of  heating temperature. Powerful Battery• Quick charging function available, support working with charging wire when low battery.Variety• Setting temperature from ..
Ex Tax:RM2,469.00
Brand: Eighteeth Model: Ultra X
Refill Ultra X - Refill Activator TipsRefill Activator Tips • Length 21 mm  #20 Silver     RM 95.00 / pcs                             Refill Activator Tips • Length 18mm #20 Golden  RM 95.00 /pcs ..
Ex Tax:RM95.00
Smart,Accurate and Reliable Apex Locator / E-pex Smart,Accurate and Reliable Apex Locator / E-pex
Hot Out Of Stock
Brand: Eighteeth Model: E-Pex
Smart,Accurate and Reliable Apex Locator / E-pexFeature:Advance multi-frequency technologyHigh precision in wet & Dry canalsLarge 3.5" LCD displayAutomatic calibrationCompact size & stable designPowerful 1500 m Ah lithium-ion batteryPrice: RM 1140.00* Term & condition Apply►Want to learn..
Ex Tax:RM1,140.00
Brand: Eighteeth Model: Ultra X
Ultra XCordless Ultrasonic activator, give you different experience in root canal activatingFrequency : 45KhzVariable frequency control, self adjusting frequency in treatment2 range working powerOnly 95g, Light in weightPowerful battery: 1500mAh, 4.5 hours continuous operationOption to direct plug-i..
Ex Tax:RM2,090.00
Brand: Eighteeth Model: AirPex
AirPex   Wireless apex locatorFeel The Charm of wirless chargingLay it down, Charging it upCharging is as simple as placing the AirPex on the charging baseTrue Wreless Apex LocatorGet rid the wire to the fullest Using without magnet wireAccuracy through wirelessness *Term and con..
Ex Tax:RM950.00
Brilliance 48º Brilliance 48º
New Out Of Stock
Brand: Eighteeth Model: Brilliance 48º
Brilliance 48ºMagnification Ratio  :5x, Various 4.9X-5.6XWorking Distance    :450mm, Various 274mm - 1088mmPupil Distance         :Separately Adjustment, 52-76mmWeight                     :94.6g (with Fram..
Ex Tax:RM3,610.00
Brand: Eighteeth Model: CuringPen
CuringPen 4 LEDs Curing LightTechnical Parameter:Dimension  : 24 x 21 203 (mm)Net Weight : 109 gLens Size   : 11mmPower supply : > 1200 times, 3 SecPrice : RM 1710.00..
Ex Tax:RM1,710.00
Brand: Eighteeth Model: CuringPen-E
CuringPen - E Curing LightLight intensity up to 3000mw/cm²Broad Spectral Range 380 nm - 515 nmSmall Light Head360° Rotatable HeadSpecial Lens DesignPrice : RM 940.50..
Ex Tax:RM940.50
Brand: Eighteeth Model: E-Connect Pro
E-Connect Pro Cordless Endo Motor Combine Apex LocatorFive Reciprocation Modes(M0)Forward Reciprocation-Four Modes Clockwise& counter clockwise movementFwd 150°-Rev 30° | Fwd 180°-Rev 30°Fwd 210°-Rev 30° | Fwd 250°-Rev 30°For all continuous rotation filesReverse Reciprocation-One Mode&..
Ex Tax:RM2,394.00
Brand: Eighteeth Model: E-FLEX Blue
E-FLEX BLUEBlue Heat Treatment provides superior strength while maintaining flexibility to negotiate all canalsSize: ►19MM 17.08 (6pcs/pack)►21MM 15 .04 (6pcs/pack) , 21MM 15 .06(6pcs/pack) , 21MM 20 .04(5pcs/pack) , 21MM 20 .06(6pcs/pack) , 21MM 25 ..
Ex Tax:RM142.50
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