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Preventive Care

Preventive Care
Brand: VOCO Model: Proflouride Vanish
Proflouride VanishHighly EffectiveVOCO Profluorid Varnish in practical singleDoseEasy,Quick and hygienicNo additional devices requiredNo spilling in any positionIndication:Treatment of hypersensitive teethSealing the dentinal tubules, e.g. for cavity preparations or on sensitive root surfacesTr..
Ex Tax:RM133.00
Brand: VOCO Model: Remin Pro
Remin ProProtective dental care with fluoride and hydroxy apatite and xylitolProvides a balanced oral flora and thus protects the teeth against harmful acid attacksstrengthens the teeth after whitening and professional cleaningCariostatic properties from the contained xylitolAvailable in three aroma..
Ex Tax:RM646.00
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