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Brand: ECO Model: ECO Dental Bib
ECO Dental BibColors AVAILABLE : Blue, Pink, Green, LavenderContent  : 500 pcs / boxPrice       : RM 61.00..
Ex Tax:RM61.00
Brand: Cotisen Model: Micro Brush
Micro BrushSize : 50 x 112mmTip Size: Fine (1.5mm)          >Available                : Superfine (1.0mm) >Available                : Regular ( 2.0mm)   >Av..
Ex Tax:RM13.00
Brand: ivoclar Vivadent Model: Accessories Assortment " Personalized"
Accessories Assortment " Personalized "for Stratos 100 & 300A)Instrument carrierHolding device for bite fork supportE)Plane indicatorIndicates the reference planes of the Stratos during individual model orientationF)Bite fork supportHolds the bite fork of the transferbow and avoids the lowering ..
Ex Tax:RM1,634.00
Cotton Roll 2
Out Of Stock
Brand: MEDICOM Model: Cotton Roll (1000pcs per pack)
Dental Cotton RollsMade from high-purity cotton. High absorbing capacity.Size: Cotton Roll No. 2 ( 38 MM x 10 MM )Packing : 1000 pcs / packPrice: RM 20.00..
Ex Tax:RM20.00
Brand: BSA Model: Cotton Roll
Dental Cotton Roll Pure Roll menEconomical Made with 100% CottonPacking: 2000 pcs / boxDimension: 8mm x 25mm                    10mm x 30mmPrice         : RM 70.00..
Ex Tax:RM70.00
Brand: Eighteeth Model: Tips
Available Tips G1 - Used to remove light and medium supragingival calculus and bacterial plaqueG2 - Flat edge is used remove heavy supragingival calculusG4 - Used to remove all supragingival calculus and bacterial plaqueG5 - Used to remove all supragingival calculus and bacterial..
Ex Tax:RM100.00
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