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Brand: ivoclar Model: Tetric N Flow Bulk fill
Tetric N-Flow Bulk Fill         The Efficient Posterior CompositeContent: 1 x 2 g SyringeShade   : IVA , IVB, IVWPrice     : RM 74.10/SyringeBUY 12 and ABOVE at RM 68.40 /Syringe..
Ex Tax:RM74.10
Brand: ivoclar Model: Tetric N Line
Tetric N-Line kit      MDA: GB34142877618AHigh-Quality composites for esthetic anterior and posterior restorationsContent:1 x Tetric N-Ceram Syringe A2 (3.5g)1 x Tetric N-Ceram Syringe A3 (3.5g)1 x Tetric N-Ceram Syringe B2 Dentin (3.5g)1 x Tetric N-Flow Syringe A2 (2g)..
Ex Tax:RM460.80
Brand: Eighteeth Model: Ultra X
Ultra XCordless Ultrasonic activator, give you different experience in root canal activatingFrequency : 45KhzVariable frequency control, self adjusting frequency in treatment2 range working powerOnly 95g, Light in weightPowerful battery: 1500mAh, 4.5 hours continuous operationOption to direct plug-i..
Ex Tax:RM1,900.00
Unigloves Basic (Tie On) 3 ply Face Mask
Free Out Of Stock
Brand: UNIGLOVES Model: Mask
Unigloves Basic (Tie On) 3 ply Face Mask3 Layer non-fiber-glass filter mediumPacking : 50 pcs per boxPrice      : ..
Ex Tax:RM0.00
Brand: ivoclar Model: Virtual PuttyFast/Regular
Virtual Putty Fast / Regular SetExcellent adaptation to the moist oral hard and soft tissuesExcellent moisture displacementExceptional readability and precisionFlexible working times and fast setting phase Fresh peppermint scentOutstanding balance of physical propertiesContent:1 x 300 ml Cataly..
Ex Tax:RM494.00
Vivaglass CEM PL
Out Of Stock
Brand: ivoclar Model: Vivaglass
Vivaglass CEM PLVivaglass CEM is a highly translucent self-curing glass ionomer cementThe self-curing glass ionomer cement Vivaglass CEM combines the desirable properties of efficiency,ease of use and esthetics, Due to its high translucency, natural-looking results are accomplished swiftly.Advantage..
Ex Tax:RM218.50
Brand: ivoclar Model: Vivapad
VivapadLight-protected mixing plate for dual and light-curing composites and adhesives.Price: RM 70.00..
Ex Tax:RM70.00
Brand: Cotisen Model: Wooden wedge
Wooden wedgePure wood material, standard form.Interproximal wood wedges provide perfect adaption of the matrix. Offers optimal stability and compressibility. Color coded for easy size identification.Specification:Maple, Large          (L)    (Blue)Maple, Medium&nbs..
Ex Tax:RM26.60
Brand: VOCO Model: X-tra fil
X-tra filOne Shade Bulk-fill CompositeIndications:Restorations class I and II Core build-upAdvantages:Curing depth 4 mmCuring time only 10 secOne Universal shade fits allLong-lasting and economicHigh Translucency provides Excellent chameleon effect for good estheticsEasy handlingPerfect  for fa..
Ex Tax:RM242.30
Model: 1870+
3M AURA™ SURGICAL MASK 1870 Contain: 20 piece/BoxPrice : Rm 160.00/Box..
Ex Tax:RM160.00
Brand: BSA Model: A-1 AQua Polishing Paste
A 1 (AQUA Polishing Paste)Features:Final polishing paste for all denturesAll in one universal water based glaszed polishing materials A-1 paste typePacking: 300g / btlPrice     : RM 155.80..
Ex Tax:RM155.80
Brand: ivoclar Model: A-D Shade Guide Ivoclar Komplett
A-D Shade Guide Ivoclar KomplettPrice : RM 420.00..
Ex Tax:RM420.00
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